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Boys Clinic
Sat 10:00a to 12:00p
Boys Pick-up Games
Sat 12:00p to 3:00p
Boys Clinic
Sat 10:00a to 12:00p
Boys Pick-up Games
Sat 12:00p to 3:00p
Boys Clinic
Sat 10:00a to 12:00p
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Playing Time
As a club we attempt to balance play time as equally as possible, taking into consideration the impact of different positions, the flow of the game, the developmental needs of players, and overall improvement of the team.

The goal is to have the ball in the kids' stick, in games, as much as possible. Game time experience is hard to get but is very important for developing players.

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Click on the TEAMS tab above, select your Team, then select your age group and go under TEAMS tab again for team schedule, roster, standings, etc.

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Four (4) 12-minute running quarters, with 6 minute Half-time.

Stop time for the last 2 minutes of game when there is a 2 goal or less differential.  

One 2-minute time-out per team per half.

Overtime will consist of one 4-minute sudden-death running time period (no timeouts.)

Penalties will be STOPPED time. 30 seconds technical/1,2 or 3 minute personal

Each team will need to have a trained score keeper/time keeper for each game.


One-handed stick checks are a Slashing penalty at all levels

All Unnecessary Roughness penalties are Non-Releasable

Hitting a defenseless is player penalty is now an Illegal Body Check with a minimum 2 minute Non-Releasable


Overtime is to resume within 20 seconds after the 4th quarter ends. Same sides, no qtr break.

Coaches have 20 seconds to substitute their players before Overtime begins.

Games can end in a tie. No timeouts in Overtime.


U15: Regular 20 second and 10 second counts. Automatic stalling in last 2 minutes.

U13, U11 & U9: No advancing rules or automatic stalling

All substitutions will be on the fly during No horns: live play.  

Mercy Rule: At 6 goals differential the losing team may elect to start with possession.

No mercy rule in playoffs at all levels.

The score table shall be 6 yards away from the sideline. Spectators and players also 6 yds.

Teams may not bring a player up to the mid-line for Man-Down face-offs.

Loose ball play is only allowed within 3 YARDS (not 5 yards as it is in NFHS rules.)

U9 Coaches may enter the field during dead ball prior the face offs or at end of time outs to help position players.


All players are REQUIRED to wear a protective cup. Coaches are responsible, officials shall not check.

Goalies must wear arm pads (except U15), chest protector, throat protector, and protective cup.

U13 & U15: 2 equipment checks per game as prescribed in the NFHS rule book

U9 & U11: Referees should do random stick checks of players dominating the game.

Coaches may requests equipment inspections as prescribed in the NFHS rule book.


U13 & U15: may use long-poles of 52" - 72" and short poles 40”- 42”

U11: All u11 levels allowed cut down long poles of 47”- 54” and short poles 37” to 42”

U9: Not allowed.


All lacrosse balls used in the game MUST have labeling stating: “Meets NOCSAE Standard”


Game Referees shall verify coaches against a master list coach kept at the table.

Also, in addition to the the OCLOA Arbiter game report, Game Referees will report all final game scores by email immediately or as soon as they can to Cindy Marano at cindy.oclax@gmail.com

Email Reports must include: Referee names
Team B Coach
Team A Coach
Team B score
Team A score
Level of play: U15, U13, etc.
Game time
Field Name & Number

Field Status
Almond Park - Seal Beach OPEN (10/4) 
Chittick Field - Long Beach OPEN (10/4) 
El Dorado High School - Placentia OPEN (10/4) 
Ernest S. McBride HS - Long Beach OPEN (10/4) 
Huntington Bch HS - Huntington Beach OPEN (10/4) 
Laurel High School - Los Alamitos OPEN (10/4) 
Laurel Park - Los Alamitos OPEN (10/4) 
LB Polytechnic HS - Long Beach OPEN (10/4) 
McAuliffe Middle School - Los Alamitos OPEN (10/4) 
OCGP-Org Cnty Great Park - Irvine OPEN (10/4) 
Serrano Middle School - Lake Forest OPEN (10/4) 
SJC Sports Rink - SanJuan Capistrano OPEN (10/4) 
St. John Bosco HS - Bellflower OPEN (10/4) 
The Rinks Huntington Bch - Huntington Beach OPEN (10/4) 
Valencia HS - Stadium - Placentia OPEN (10/4) 
VC Arena - Camarillo - Camarillo OPEN (10/4) 
Vista Hermosa Sports Par - San Clemente OPEN (10/4) 
Whaley Park - Long Beach OPEN (10/4) 
Wilson Park - Torrance OPEN (10/4) 
Yorba Linda Stadium - Yorba Linda OPEN (10/4) 
Zoeter Field - Seal Beach OPEN (10/4) 
Game Results
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